Task 13: Web People Search

This task focuses on the disambiguation of person names in a Web searching scenario. Finding people, information about people, in the World Wide Web is one of the most common activities of Internet users. Person names, however, are highly ambiguous. In most cases, therefore, the results for this type of search are a mixture of pages about different people that share the same name.

The participant's systems will receive as input, web pages retrieved from a web search engine using a given person name as a query. The aim of the task is to determine how many referents (different people) exist for that person name, and assign to each referent its corresponding documents. The challenge is to correctly estimate the number of referents and group documents referring to the same individual.

Javier Artiles, NLP & IR Group (UNED)
Julio Gonzalo, NLP & IR Group (UNED)
Satoshi Sekine, Proteus Project (NYU)