Task 14: Affective Text

Webpage: http://www.cs.unt.edu/~rada/affectivetext

The goal of this task is to explore the connection between emotions and lexical semantics. Provided a short text (news headlines), the objective is to annotate the text for emotions using a predefined list of emotions (e.g. joy, fear, surprise), and/or for polarity orientation (positive/negative). The emotion annotation and the polarity orientation labeling are regarded as two separate subtasks, and therefore a team can choose to participate in only one or both annotation tasks. The task will be carried out in an unsupervised setting, and consequently no training data will be provided. The task organizers will make available a development data set, as well as some resources that might be useful for the task (e.g. an emotion lexicon drawn from WordNet Affect).

Carlo Strapparava and Rada Mihalcea