The call for task proposals was very successful, with more than 27 submissions.
After a careful review process, we selected 19 tasks to be part of SemEval-2007.
The accepted tasks are listed in below in the order that their proposals were received.

Task SummaryFurther
Task Website
(if available)
1DataEvaluating WSD on Cross Language Information RetrievalViewWebpage
2DataEvaluating Word Sense Induction and Discrimination SystemsViewWebpage
3 Task Cancelled: Pronominal Anaphora Resolution in the Prague Dependency Treebank 2.0  
4DataClassification of Semantic Relations between NominalsViewWebpage
5DataMultilingual Chinese-English Lexical Sample TaskView 
6DataWord-Sense Disambiguation of PrepositionsWebpage
7DataCoarse-grained English all-wordsViewWebpage
8DataMetonymy Resolution at Semeval-2007ViewWebpage
9DataMultilevel Semantic Annotation of Catalan and SpanishViewWebpage
10DataEnglish Lexical Substitution Task for SemEval-2007ViewWebpage
11DataEnglish Lexical Sample Task via English-Chinese Parallel Text Webpage
12DataTurkish Lexical Sample TaskViewWebpage
13DataWeb People Search Webpage
14DataAffective TextViewWebpage
15DataTempEval: A proposal for Evaluating Time-Event Temporal Relation IdentificationViewWebpage
16DataEvaluation of wide coverage knowledge resources Webpage
17DataEnglish Lexical Sample, English SRL and English All-Words Tasks Webpage
18DataArabic Semantic LabelingLDC
19DataFrame Semantic Structure ExtractionViewWebpage